Determining the each rune meaning, learning to read the meaning of the rune – is the basis of the correct approach to the study of Scandinavian runes.

Scandinavian runes are probably the simplest and at the same time surprisingly accurate of all divination systems, the interpretation meaning of the runic symbols, can be used for predictions. The question of the interpretation meaning ​​of the runes, reading runes, the determination every rune meaning at runic divinations, is not as simple as it could be. Often people who are inexperienced in runic practices, ask the question, how to explain the meaning of a particular rune, during divination on the runes.



Here you can familiarize yourself with the options for clarifying the meanings of a particular rune. Also here you can find information about the divinatory meaning of each rune, if you are conducting divination on the situation of today, the meaning of the runes when divining for love or relationships.
Some of the runes look the same both upright and upside down and therefore do not have a separate interpretation for both positions. But 16 runes can and should be viewed both in a forward and reverse position.



The question is still not clear – is the meaning of the rune, which at runic devination is in an inverted or reverse position, is different. Some runes look the same upside down and right side up. They cannot be “inverted or flipped”. However, any of the runes may be appear as “MERKSTAVE”, which literally means “dark stick” and means “dark”, “negative meaning”, depending on how the runes are located in relation to each other in the layout of runecasting. The “inverted” or “merkstave” meaning of any rune is not the exact opposite of its primary meaning in the usual upright position, but always has a more unfavorable interpretation and meaning.

“Elder Futhark” – completely different concepts. Any single rune is a symbol the sacred knowledge of the nordic gods and carries a certain amount of magical potential due to its origin (for more details on this, see the rune magic section), and therefore possesses the ability to connect our consciousness with these or other egregors or deities. Interpretation each of the runes separately set out on the pages of our site. The interpretation of the meanings ​​of runes during divination
the short version is also indicated separately for different runic divination layouts – you can familiarize yourself with the options for explaining the meanings ​​of a particular rune directly during the divination for LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS OR ON A SITUATION.

The runes, on the whole, undoubtedly form is already integral, magical system closed within itself by multiple reciprocal connections, which has its own powerful egregore and inseparably connected with the higher Forces of the universe, which has for interpreting a combination of runes you should have an appropriate level of knowledge of the subject of runes and skills of interpretation of additive (systemic) interpretations. If you are a person who wants to connect his mind with the mystique of runic symbols, you will have to find your own way to understand the world of associations and idioms, sometimes elusive intuitive images, that runes reveal to us. In the manufacture of runes independently, with drawing up runic horoscopes, or when drawing up runograms for rune amulets should be well remembered. The art of using a separate rune is not only in its correct shape or explanation of meaning, but also in the awareness of the metaphysical impact that this rune can have on the real material world – it can be said that in interpreting the meaning of the rune, we are fully consciously immersed in the world of rune magic. That is called the interpretation of the runes meaning.

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