Runic amulets and charms

Making an amulet of runes or runic amulets is one of one of the practical forms of rune magic.The general definition of an amulet (rune amulet or talisman) – a compact object in the form of jewelry that has magical properties to protect and neutralize negativity, corruption, evil eye, as well as to preserve and multiply money, health, good luck to its owner.
Runic amulets contribute to the development and maintenance of certain qualities, features of character of the owner and have a positive impact on their development. We have already argued theses on the essence of magic runes and their ability to influence the present and the future of man, for example, when considering the aspects of divination by runes.
I would like to attract your attention once again, that making the rune (runic) amulet or charms you practice the first steps in runic magic. It is a touch of the ancient and powerfull energy substances.
Properly executed charms can have a really wonderful impact on the lives of their owners. But remember, not the talisman helps you in difficult situations, but your power encased in it. Rune amulet is not just a locket with runes and it is the central point of concentration of your attention. Thanks to your spiritual concentration, there is huge connections between runic amulets or charms and the forces of runes would be woven. As a result it would come the time of changes, it would come to your spiritual and material world. Getting to the manufacture of runic amulet or talisman make sure that you use only well-known runes, interpret them correctly and feel the bases of secret knowledge to which you are going to touch. In more detail about the preliminary preparations we are discussing on the page about the production of runes.
The main and necessary condition to create runic talisman or amulet is the presence of aesthetic balance, harmony symbol, unity of form and content in it. Runes and their combinations, located on both sides of your runic amulet, should not cause any negative images or associations in your subconscious.

Making runic amulets is one of the kinds of runic magic. Correctly made runic amulet or charm can magically influence on your life. But helpfull is not a talisman but your strength concluded in it. Runic amulet or talisman is the center of your attention. The concentration of your spiritual attention connects in amulet with the power of the runes that you use and follow the changes in the soul which were written in your amulet.
Before starting work on the production of amulets, we must make sure that you have learned and memorized all used runes, understood the interpreting of the meaning of runes, that you want to use in your runic amulet or talisman as the main base of magical knowledge in which you have recourse to. In the case of proper manufacturing runic amulet or charm it will become alive and you will begin to execute the programmed setting.
The first self-made rune amulets and talismans use exclusively for their own needs in order to gain more skills and experience in imaginative thinking and spiritual concentration. Do not forget that the use of rune magic not for himself but for others is a big responsibility.
The main condition for the manufacture of runic charm or amulet is that you have the aesthetic harmony. Runic signs depicted on both sides of the amulet should not cause you to have an aesthetic distaste. Amulet should attract you by their appearance. Magic requires order. And the more careful and natural appearance is in used “tools”, the more positive result will be.
For manufacturing rune amulet, talisman suits any material, the main thing is that it would be possible to script runic symbols on it. The most suitable is the tree as it is the easiest to handle. But it is also possible to apply a bone, metal, paper or stones. You should choose the material by your own, based on your capabilities in handling material (drawing, cutting, burning). There are other types of charms which perform different functions.
People often make runic amulets or talismans from everyday objects. Depending on your needs, you can engrave a rune symbols on the back side of the watch, on your mobile phone, draw a rune words (Ward) in the car mirror or rune spell on the door jamb. Runes can be used as decoration.
Nicely filled the table with a certain value can be hung on the wall in the living or working areas.
These signs will be the assistant to establish relationships in the family home or with colleagues and superiors at work.

It is popular to combine several runes in the manufacture of runic amulets talismans and charms. It enhances the action of amulet. These combinations are called RUNIC SCHEME.
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