Thurisaz rune reversed meaning

Rune Thurisaz reversed – is the Rune of Evil, anger, hatred

Most importantly, Thurisaz rune reversed at extended meaning defines as:

danger, coercion, betrayal, stupidity

Meaning of Rune Thurisaz reversed.

Rune Thurisaz reversed meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Thurisaz reversed at the beginnings its literal meaning:

lethargy, weakness, stubbornness

The main properties of the rune Thurisaz in a reversed position coincide with the main meaning of the rune.
The rune itself does not change its place in the rune order, its location in their Aett, or the row of the Elder Edda. In the opposite position, only its meaning changes when interpreting divination or a runic inscription.

Rune Thurisaz reversed – the third rune of Elder Futhark order

Rune Thurisaz reversed – the third rune of Freya Aett

Rune Thurisaz reversed Rune of Magic at Elter Edda order

under the patronage of Freya Norse God

Rune Thurisaz reversed astrological conformity – Taurus (Bull) symbol

Rune Thurisaz reversed reading meaning

Name of the Rune: Thurisaz reversed

German name, the meaning of the Rune Thurisaz reversed:Thyth (Thurisaz)

Old Norse name, the Rune Thurisaz reversed meaning: Turisar or Thurse

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the Rune Thurisaz reversed: Thorn

Ancient Celtic name, the Rune Thurisaz reversed meaning: Thiuth

Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the Rune Thurisaz reversed: Turs

The main meaning of the Rune Thurisaz reversed

Rune Thurisaz reversed main meaning

The Thurisaz meaning main interpretation – “torment, anger, lies”.

a little more about them ,meaning of the Thurisaz reversed rune

The reversed rune Thurisaz looks like a stop line in front of a traffic light. You know that you need to drive through this intersection, but first, you need to stop. This stop is required in order to think again carefully. The rune comes in the opposite position for a reason: if the direct Thurisaz informs about the internal readiness for the transition, then the inverted one warns that at some point you did not take into account, did not foresee something, so there is a great chance of making mistakes.

Thus, we can say that the meaning of the reversed Thurisaz rune is a warning that there is no need to rush … Remember the adage “If you hurry, you will make people laugh” – it is very appropriate here. The most important thing is discretion, the ability to discern and analyze absolutely everything that happens to you. Action, of course, is necessary, but only when you understand exactly how and why. You will not jump over an abyss without assessing the distance to the opposite bank and not providing the necessary take-off run?

Rune Thurisaz reversed position additional meaning.

rune Thurisaz reversed meaning at normal position

Rune Thurisaz reversed at rune reading

The meanings of the Rune Thurisaz reversed in runic divinations are very interesting.

Rune Thurisaz inverted – the rune of weakness and forced decisions.
In this state of affairs, it is mainly necessary not to rush to make a final decision. Any haste can push you to make mistakes, wrong actions, and as a result of mistakes will lead you to remorse and irritation. The rune calls to be careful, study in detail all aspects of the situation, try to impartially consider your actions. Unfortunately, the situation in which you are now has not very good news and is quite difficult, because due to your own thoughtlessness and making hasty decisions, you are even more mired in your own problems and any of your actions do not bring significant changes.

Rune Thurisaz strongly recommends never to rush and deal with the situation completely before acting. Do not try to break through the door, they are closed for you, after all, it is not a magician and not God to change or influence fate. Everything that should happen to you and so will happen regardless of your desire and efforts. Do not be so convinced of your own power only through your mind and knowledge of the situation, because the decisions that you make hastily, thinking badly otherwise, will turn into new big problems for you, while the old ones will not go anywhere.

Inner content Thurisaz reversed. The deeper interpretation.

The main meaning of the runes Turisaz in an inverted (reverse) position – a manifestation of weakness (coercion).

The Thurisaz in an inverted (reverse) position. Do not exaggerate your importance in the processes around you, do not flatter yourself. You understand the situation correctly, but you cannot influence the course of events in any way. It makes no sense to try to open the locked door. Taking any solutions, do not hurry and think over everything well first, otherwise, you will create many new problems without solving the old ones.

Rune Thurisaz in a reversed position notifies you that the situation in which you are now is not the best. You fall into the trap of forced action. You are weak in showing your strength. You do not have the courage to see the situation as it really is. You are in the thick of things and it paralyzes you. You forgot that you can get out of this situation, wanting to do it, and emerging from a swamp into the ocean. Much now does not depend on you, but the analysis of the situation should be done to make the right conclusion. The only thing you can do now is disassembling and analyze what is happening and shake your bones for the future.

The reversed rune Thurisaz also warns of the dangerous consequences of hasty decisions. Rune Thurisaz in the reverse (inverted) position leads to the idea that you need to wait because the gate of a successful resolution of the situation is still closed. Very important instructions reversed from rune Thurisaz reversed

Rune Thurisaz reversed at the runic practice

For passing the test strip are not only prudence and discretion but also the ability to be independent. activity in achieving victory. Runa Turisaz in a reversed position in most cases is a symbol of active defense. Protection and patronage on the part of higher powers arise only in people who, in the current circumstances, are actively looking for a way out of an unpleasant or difficult situation. The rune will not have a beneficial effect on those who are inactive in anticipation of an opportune moment.

Thurisaz rune reversed in runic divinations.

The additional interpret of the Thurisaz rune at reversed or inverted position meaning.

The additional meaning of the rune Thurisaz in an reversed position. “defenselessness, inhibition ”

rune Thurisaz reversed reading meaning divination

The rune Thurisaz (Thurisaz), its inverted (reverse) position in the runic scenario symbolizes the active protection of a person from anybody, however, feelings of security and protection from above arise only when you actively and independently think in the current situation, if you stay idle, waiting for a favorable moment you can hardly count on help from above. Only after you think over the situation in all possible ways, then you can expect to receive blessings from above.

Necessary conditions for passing tests are prudence – this is the interpretation of the reverse (inverted) position of the Thurisaz rune. It is not only about studying personal factors of motivation but also about the inadequate perception by you of what happened. We can, with a superficial analysis of the problem in which we find ourselves, not see any accompanying nuances.

Runa Thurisaz reversed in combination with other runes.

reversed Thurisaz – Nautiz:

Convinces a person to be patient a little, not to run ahead of the locomotive

reversed Thurisaz – reversed Kenaz:

The combination informs that the partner of the questioner is trying to subdue him, although such attempts are doomed to failure, since the fortuneteller does not consider his lover or beloved as authority

The Rune THURISAZ in its non reversed, normal (forward) meaning always has a more positive connotation

rune Thurisaz meaning at normal position

Rune Thurisaz reversed main meaning.