Othala rune reversed meaning

The Othala rune reversed meaning main interpretation – “ totalitarianism, slavery”.

Rune Othala reversed meaning

Othala rune reversed meaning at the appearance of this symbol in the runic layouts:- This reversed position of the rune Othala indicates that you come to the point where with everything acquired in the previous stages of moral baggage will have to say goodbye. Good or bad, but already passed a certain period of your life and you go to the new frontiers. You may be hurt.

Rune Othala reversed. Rune Othala reversed meaning

Rune Othala reversed meaning

Reading rune Othala reversed

So, the main theses for the Othala rune meaning in a reversed position by reading of the runes in the runic divination layots – the loss of old, flexibility in decision, slavery, exile, depressive mood and health.

Name of the rune: Othala reversed

Rune Othala meaning in reversed position.

The ancient German name, the meaning of the rune Othala , Otala: Utal (Othala)

Old Norse name, the meaning of the rune Othala , Otala: o?ila

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the rune Othala , Otala: Otael (Ethel)

Ancient Celtic name, the meaning of the rune Othala , Otala: Odal

Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the rune Othala , Otala: O?al

Rune Othala reversed, merkstav at the beginig its literal meaning was:

loss of home

Rune Othala reversed at extended meaning defines as:

Lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, loss of home. Bad karma, prejudice, clannishness, provincialism, compulsion to fulfill family responsibilities.

Rune Othala reversed main meaning

rune Othala meaning at normal position

Inner content Othala reversed. The deeper interpretation.

The main meaning of the rune Othala in an reversed position – “ loss of home ”.

Parting is sometimes very painful, you need to find a lot of courage to manage yourself before letting in a new self. That’s what the rune Othala says when it appears in the opposite (reversed) position. That is why during this period you need to show maximum flexibility in thinking and respond quickly to change in the environment. If you learn to perceive the world around, more globally, you might have real reasons for reacting negatively about what is happening to you, since your negative reaction prevents possible, positive consequences. The qualities of adaptability and skill are what you should develop in the present period.

Faced with the reverse rune Othala, – you act simply, and the most important events take place by themselves.

Runa Othala in reversed position. Interpretation of divination, the meaning of the rune Odal, Othila:
Council of the rune Othala in a reversed position. You are in a foreign field. Act as you think is right at the moment. If you meet with a loss – do not be discouraged: today lost, tomorrow you will find more lost.

Rune Othala reversed position additional meaning.

Rune Othala at the runic practice

The main meaning of the rune is the loss of the old, the need to show flexibility in making important decisions. The inverted position of the Othala rune indicates that you are in, where you started with everything at a time when the previously acquired moral values will have to be revised. Good or bad, but a certain period of your life has already passed and you have to go to new horizons. Breaking up with the past can be painful at times.

Othala rune reversed in runic divinations.

a little more about the meaning of the Otala rune

The rune is an inverted meaning. The meaning of the inverted Othala rune may largely depend on the symbols that dropped out next to it in the layout. In most cases, she will talk about an impatient person who in every possible way seeks to rush things, about bad heredity, about breaking plans, about the inability to achieve what she wants easily, and sometimes Otala also acts as a reminder that not everything can be bought for money.

In general, the inverted meaning of the symbol is pragmatism, financial stalemate, difficulties. The reverse rune advises paying attention to the health of your relatives, especially the elderly. Do not be lazy to visit them and persuade them to undergo examination.

Rune Otala in combination with other runes.

Reversed Othala –Laguz Reversed:

A person makes the mistake of acting spontaneously and without thinking about the consequences. If such a bundle falls out, then this is a sign of a bad, heavy energy in your home, which negatively affects the well-being of households.

Othala Reversed –Fehu:

This is a hint that a person considers money or movable property to be the most important thing in his life, forgetting about the spiritual sphere.

Othala Reversed – Fehu Reversed:

This combination may indicate that a person is trying in vain to solve problems with money.

Othala Reversed – Dagaz Reversed:

This is an advice not to dwell on the existing problems, since at the moment they still cannot be solved.

The additional interpret of the Othala rune at reversed or inverted position meaning.

The additional meaning of the rune Othala in an reversed position. “the loss, damages”

rune Othala reading meaning devination

The main theses of the Othala rune reversed. The need for plasticity; a blow of fate; loss of anything. The result of this misunderstanding may be the stagnation of the energy of this sign, which in turn leads to enslavement by external forces, poverty, loss of hearth, and well-deserved loneliness. The rune Othala in the reverse (inverted) position, there are two main aspects. The first of these, as we have said, is the requirement to be flexible, not to obey the will conventions and old authorities, to act in the circumstances as it looks to you for yourself. The second aspect is connected with the material property – some losses are possible. Outdated, leaves. Losses are possible. Do not grab the past.

Remember that no matter what you ask for the reversed rune Othala, the answer you get will almost always be more complete than the question you asked – be prepared for the unexpected.

Best of all, gaining experience by learning from the mistakes of others, and do not regret repeating your own mistakes. Be plastic, listen to yourself, and be afraid to change the rules.
Rune Othala reversed position. Treatment of internal content. Rune Othala in an inverted position can hardly be called a negative sign. The only dangerous meaning lies here in the manifestation of inattention to already established traditions and orders – this can significantly limit your strength. The misunderstanding of the power of the reverse rune Othala often leads to your infringement of the interests of others and excessive selfishness.

Rune Othala reversed at rune reading

The meanings of the Rune Othala reversed in runic divinations are very interesting.

The further development of events in your life depends on how you look and perceive the world around you. If you think for a minute that not everything is so bad, and everything that happens to you happens only for the best, you can conclude that you do not have a big catastrophe and only your negative attitude in this or that situation does not give you take a step towards the future. Adaptation skill is what you need at the moment.

rune Othala meaning at normal position

Rune Othala reversed main meaning.