Othala Rune meaning.

Rune Othala (Odal) – the rune of the spiritual power of the ancestors, the divine heritage and the “family nest”. Rune of connection with ancestors, family, roots. The rune helps to rely on the experience of ancestors. Rune Othala is a sign of ownership, continuity and heritage. The Othala rune is not only a material inheritance, but also a spiritual one. Nordic tradition associates this rune with home and home.

Rune Othala – Runa of home, family, spiritual power of ancestors, divine heritage.

Meaning of Rune Othala (Odal).

Rune Othala (Odal) meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Othala (Odal) at the beginnings of its literal meaning:

“Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot”

Rune Othala (Odal) – the twenty-third rune of Elder Futhark

Rune Othala (Odal) – the seventh rune of Tyr Aett

Rune Othala (Odal) – Rune of Speech at Elter Edda order

rune Othala reading meaning

Name of the rune: Othala (Odal)

Rune Othala original root word


German name, the meaning of the rune Othala:

Utal (Othala)

Old Norse name, the rune Othala meaning:


Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the rune Othala:

Otael (Ethel)

Ancient Celtic name, the rune Othala meaning:


Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the rune Othala:


The main meaning of the rune Othala

more about Rune Othala main meaning.

“Home”, “Inherited property or property”, “Possession”

The Rune Othala (Odal) has reversed (inverted) position.

Besides, the meaning of the rune Othala can be also in opposition to other symbols of the runic layout at rune reading.

This arrangement of the runes is called “merkstav”.

Rune Othala (Odal) reversed meaning: Poverty, homelessness, slavery, dependency, childlessness, lack of family, lack of tradition and sense of belonging, lack of moral.

rune Othala meaning at reversed position

The general provisions of the properties and characteristics of the rune Othala (Odal) in an inverted position coincide with the usual, direct position of the sign.
However, in a divinatory and mantic respect, the Othala (Odal) rune reverse ( in an inverted position ) acquires a completely different, often directly opposite, original meaning.

Rune Othala (Odal) main meaning

The Othala rune meaning main interpretation – “ Inheritance, Estate, Peace on Earth, Homeland ”.

Rune Othala (Odal) at extended meaning defines as:

Inherited property or property, possession, home. Group order, group well-being. The land of birth, spiritual heritage, experience, and fundamental values. Help in spiritual and physical travel. A source of safety, growth, and abundance. Large family matters. National or community issues. Family life, country, spiritual heritage, experience, fundamental values; establishment, inheritance, heritage, tradition, nobility. Greater family matters.

In addition to the main meaning, the Rune Othala (Odal) also has some additional properties.

Rune Othala (Odal) additional reading meaning.

some rune Othala (Odal) features of the interpretation of the meaning

Norse Rune Othala (Odal) reading meaning .

rune Othala reading meaning divination

Rune Othala – profit from the inheritance. Personal property, land, fatherland. There is the likelihood of a profitable acquisition, winning, for example, in a lottery or receiving inheritance. In other words, you’re lucky when someone’s grief, someone’s death, brought you unexpected wealth. Anyway, you are on your territory, so the game will go according to your rules.

Rune Othala (Odal) reading.

The meaning of the rune Othala (Odal) at the rune casting divination:

Rune Othala the meaning of the runes. Rune says about the need to abandon all the old, outdated himself. Dust off with all the wrong boots of your previous conclusions and come to accept that legacy, which is waiting for you. It’s time to learn about the hereditary legacy that you prepared both genetics and spiritual kinship, and possibly continuity of traditions, practices, business, etc.

The interpretation of the meaning rune Othala in divination for love or relationship.

The appearing in runic layouts on love or relationships, the runes of Othala symbolize a state of mind or just the mood at the moment – the commitment to the symbol, dream, or ideal. The rune Othala straight in runic divinations for love and relationships reminds: plans for your loved one, your desires, your ideas should correspond to the willingness of loved ones and those around them to accept, It will be a prerequisite for the success of the manifestations of your feelings. Rune Othala – a symbol of property or hereditary land, and practical attitude to life. Rune Othala can be defined as a symbol of security and order.

First Counsel of the Rune Othala (Odal)

Be prepared for unexpected material incomes. This can impose considerable responsibility on you. The main theses in the interpretation of the meaning of the rune Othala. Delimitation; suspension and acquisition; devotion; will; winnings; heritage; will

Second Counsel of the Rune Othala (Odal):
The meaning of the runes Odal, Othala (Othila) advises to be ready to accept soon unexpected material income associated with the “family nest” – inheritance, help from relatives. However, also do not forget that any pleasant event imposes a considerable responsibility.

The deeper interpretation of the rune Othala (Odal). Inner content of rune Othala meaning.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Othala (Odal) interpretation, the significance of the runes. Internal content:

A tradition with its limitations and freedom in harmonic connection is what you need to connect for its integrity. Traditions at their best — always are the foundation of life is the foundation on which you will always have roots for recharge themselves and their actions. They also give freedom, if correctly applied to them, and patronage, and blessing. Othala rune in power to help you: to develop even more your talents, to comprehend the need for their limitations, to acquire property, to build relationships with relatives of near and far, understand your past life and the life of your ancestor, to justify and let them have their sins, thereby clearing themselves of their effects in your karma.

Since your Karma is the collective karma of many generations; by the time of forgiveness of ancestors, take it very seriously. Learn their life, especially the minuses because the plus generates itself in your life by positive, but the minus is also registered in your genes and generates, by troubles and diseases in your life. To cancel the impact of the ‘ancestor’ minus program – they need to be understood, accepted, loved and forgive truly how God forgives generously. Then the minus would be erased from the program person. In Christian practice it is very useful and effective is to pray with your full forgiveness of the ancestor, the prayer-giving of all of them to Christ. This recoil burns even that man did not know those negatives that were not opened and voiced.

Rune Othala

meaning at northe rune astrologic horoscop.

8 JUL – 23 JUL

Rune Othala meaning at birth day rune .

Rune of property, material and spiritual values. It helps to save what you have acquired, increase profits and increase capital. Astrological correspondence – the sign of the Zodiac Taurus Reflects one of the meanings of the Tarot card – the High Priest (Hierophant), symbolizing the transfer of knowledge and traditions.
Very deep personalities, spiritual development at the highest level. They strive to maintain family ties, they always feel the great support of the clan. Harmonious and happy, as a rule, personalities.

The additional interpret of the Othala rune meaning.

Additional rune Othala (Odal) meaning

Rune Othala -The sign is very good. He points you to that noble blood flows in your veins, that you are attached to a high-born tree, all you have to do is accept it with gratitude and study all that this circumstance. Perhaps to hold a new position, you will have to break old ties. Do it abruptly, but as nobly as possible, so as not to disturb energy flow positively.

Rune Othala (Odal) – These are ancestral traditions, the memory of ancestors, the genetic characteristics of your character or appearance, spiritual attachment to the house where your childhood passed, real estate that is inherited by you, in a word, something that cannot be bought for any money. This is yours and yours alone. This is what the Othala rune encourages us to think about – how to combine freedom and framework. Continuous restrictions are bad, but complete freedom is also bad. The strength lies in their harmony and balance. Returning to the mantic meaning of the Othal rune, we can say that it will speak primarily about heritage – material and spiritual. If we ask the runes about a person, she will inform us that this person belongs to a worthy family, if we ask a question about his character traits, she will say that he knows how to properly organize his own life, finds a balance between boundaries and freedom.

a little more about the meaning of the Otala rune

Rune Othala (Odal) – the main meaning and interpretation. Many novice runologists believe that Otala always means property, but in fact, the interpretation of this rune is much more extensive. To understand the whole deep meaning of this magical symbol, it is worth going to the distant past. Imagine that you were just born: while you are not yet a full-fledged person, you do not have anything of your own. You grow, gain experience, accept certain foundations by which your family lives, acquire your own views, habits, and gradually, in the course of growing up, you ìacquireî this ìbaggageî. Everything that you have absorbed into yourself, everything that you have learned and now carry through your whole life – this is your property. And the whole meaning of the Othala rune, its meaning, description and interpretation will be built around this concept.

Rune Othala magical meaning and application:

The interpretation of the runes. Othala (Odal) interpretation, the meaning of the runes. Magical application:

Rune Othala. Interpretation of divination, the meaning of the rune Othala (Odal):

Rune Othala – Rune frontiers, territories. Rune of fate in the sense – “how old are you, I have measured the destinies, and you will receive it. ” It is quite primitive, but very accurate, interpretation of the meaning of the runes Othala in its interpretation in the scenario of the runes.

the use of the Othala rune in runic inscriptions, in the manufacture of rune amulets and talismans

application of the rune Othala

Rune Othala meaning in the manufacture of runic amulet: In combination with Fehu – to attract cash flow.

application of the rune Othala in runescripts and bindrunes:

Rune Othala (Odal) significance in runescripts and bindrunes – To improve the health of the elderly people.

Rune Othala (Odal) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To protect property.

Rune Othala (Odal) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To defend their own interests.

The meanings of the rune Othala in runic divinations are very interesting.

Rune Othala (Odal) in combination with other runes.

Rune Othala (Odal) – Ansuz:

It is worth listening to the words of some elderly relative

Rune Othala (Odal) – Manaaz:

This is advice to think about the material side of the issue, since a lack of funds can slow down the development of your enterprise

Rune Othala (Odal) – Raido:

The proximity of these two runes predicts a new acquaintance on the road

Rune Othala (Odal) – Soulou:

The combination usually describes a person who is ready to work tirelessly not for a decent reward, but for the sake of the work itself

Rune Othala (Odal) – Nautiz:

Sign that the person we’re asking about is very pragmatic. Sometimes Otala will directly indicate the receipt of an inheritance, for example, a house or apartment, or hereditary traits of character or spiritual views that were passed on by family.

Rune Othala (Odal) – Vunyo:

Will reflect a person’s desire for an ideal

Rune Othala (Odal) – Fehu:

This pair will symbolize a tight-fisted and greedy person

Rune Othala (Odal) – Evaz:

You will have to part with your partner due to the fact that one of you will be forced to leave

Rune Othala main meaning.