Fehu rune reversed meaning

The Fehu rune reversed meaning main interpretation – “ loss of personal property ”.

Rune Fehu reversed meaning

Fehu reversed reading at its appearance in the runic divinations: The imperatives of Fehu in the reversed (inverted) position: only the unnecessary is lost, the secondary even though you wouldn’t think the opposite; what you really need is always with you, if you can take advantage of it, if you can discover it within yourself, having defined what you really need. The main theses of the significance of the Rune Fehu reversed (inverted) position.

Rune Fehu reversed. Rune Fehu reversed Meaning

Rune Fehu reversed meaning

Reading rune Fehu reversed

Rune Fehu reverse. Upside down position.The main meaning of the Fehu rune in the reversed (reverse) position is alienation, loss. The meaning of the Rune Fehu in a reversed (inverted) position: problems with money, dishonest wealth, loss of property.

Name of the rune: Fehu reversed

Rune Fehu meaning in reversed position.

Ancient German name, the meaning of the Fehu rune: Fe (Fehu).

Old Norse name, the meaning of the Fehu rune: Fehhu.

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the Fehu rune: Feo, Feoh.

Ancient Celtic name, the meaning of the Fehu rune: Feum.

Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the rune Fehu: Fe.

Rune Fehu reversed, merkstav at the beginig its literal meaning was:

“loss, deprivation”

Rune Fehu reversed at extended meaning defines as:

Loss of personal property, loss of respect or dignity, breaking rules, and discouraging hopes. Greed, burnout, business discord. Cowardice, stupid mistakes, own stupidity, poverty, dependence, and slavery.

Rune Fehu reversed main meaning

rune Fehu meaning at normal position

Inner content Fehu reversed. The deeper interpretation.

The main meaning of the Fehu reversed in an inverted position – “Well, if you have already made a decision, then act.”

Treat the reversed meaning of the Fehu rune back to the direct position of the Fehu rune. Here you need to pay attention to the action in conscious and not conscious. That is, you can renounce consciously, also you can and inadvertently. Therefore, if this rune falls out – be careful. Well, if you have already made a decision, then act. But remember, do not deny loving …

Rune Fehu in the reversed position indicates a serious problem or disorder in the process of owning something, and it’s not about simple minor inconsistencies, but about serious violations. You should think deeply about where your flaws are, who you are. Must give something – work, time, mental strength, knowledge, respect, or love. Also, the reversed rune of Fehu can symbolize the loss of self-esteem, which causes a person to have a sense of inferiority and dissatisfaction with himself. Loss of what or it should sharpen the sense of self-esteem and internal integrity in your consciousness, first of all for yourself and close surroundings.

Rune Fehu reversed position additional meaning.

Rune Fehu reversed at the runic practice

The inverted rune Fehu is a rune of problems, conflicts with loved ones and relatives, a symbol of the inability to achieve set plans, a symbol of stagnation in relationships, and significant material losses. In life, we always lose something and get something in return. It is important to understand that everything is prescribed for you from above, one way or another it will be yours. You only lose what was superfluous or not particularly necessary at the moment. The main thing when interpreting the rune is to learn how to use correctly what fate has prepared for you.

Fehu rune reversed in runic divinations.

The meanings of the rune FEHU REVERSED in runic divinations are very interesting.

a little more about the meaning of the Fehu rune

The meaning of the reversed Fehu rune. The meaning of the inverted Fehu rune smoothly follows from the interpretation of the straight line. It says that a person can lose something of his property, but this loss usually occurs only if he violates the rules of direct Fehu. Let’s see what exactly we are talking about. As we already mentioned, the rune advises, firstly, to use your wealth correctly, and secondly, to protect it, cherish it. Rune Fehu reversed says: it is logical to assume that by breaking one of these rules, a person is deprived of what he has. Let’s take a look at simple examples. A person suddenly wins a large sum of money in the lottery. He, of course, is happy, but decides not to spend money, but to put it aside for a “rainy day”. Another winner has long dreamed of his own cafe, and so he takes and opens his own business with this money – albeit small, but his own, realizes his dream. The third, who also received a solid prize, generally donates most of the amount to a fund for disabled children or an animal shelter. And the fourth mindlessly skips all the winnings in restaurants, drives around in a taxi, buys expensive clothes and all sorts of trinkets.

However, the very meaning of the inverted Fehu rune does not always imply the wrong management of material wealth – we can talk about violating the rules regarding accumulated knowledge (when a person receives a doctor’s degree and goes to work on a construction site), about the incorrect use of her own experience (a woman is two once in her life she contacted married men, it did not end well, but she again begins a relationship with someone who has a spouse). The meaning of the reversed Fehu rune – one can cite as an example the situation when a person does not value his friends (remember the saying “My friends are my wealth”?). But eventually loses them forever. The inverted Fehu suffers material losses, unwanted acquaintances, the risk of getting into some kind of adventure, and in every possible way warns a person about the need to be careful. Dagaz, Inguz, and Laguz soften the action of the reverse Fehu: if any of these runes are nearby, then losses will not be so serious or temporary. To better understand the meaning of the inverted Fehu rune in a relationship, you can focus on neighboring symbols.

Rune Fehu in combination with other runes.

reversed Fehu – Berkana:

The couple will report the loss of a woman (for a man), the loss of a child (for a woman)

reversed Fehu – Tejwaz:

The combination speaks of breaking off relations with a representative of the stronger sex (for ladies)

reversed Fehu – Mannaz:

Symbols indicate that this is a break in connection with a certain person.

reversed Fehu – Isa:

The combination indicates the need to take a break, analyze the situation, otherwise the relationship

reversed Fehu – Thurisaz:

It is worth being wary, with such a combination, there is a high probability of injury or the need for surgery, so watch yourself carefully

The additional interpret of the Fehu rune at reversed or inverted position meaning.

The additional meaning of the rune Fehu in an reversed position. “hardship, deprivation”

rune Fehu reading meaning devination

Cash and property losses; difficulties in love relationships; temporary disagreements with close people; delay in fulfillment of a dream; barrier, detachment.
Rune – Fehu, in an inverted (reverse) position, warns that your flame has died out in your present or future business and personal relationships can be difficult, you have encountered barriers to achieving the goal. The flame creates, the flame and devours. Probable material losses and respect for others. You have an ambiguous and unstable situation, things got confused. Apparently, the flames faded away and the result was obvious: everything did not get along, disappointment and exhaustion came, you become irritable and your loved ones avoid you.

Meaning rune Fehu reversed at rune reading

The additional interpretation of the rune Fehu reverse meaning

Rune Fehu. Inverted (reverse) position. Tips runes. Limit cash flow. Beware of double situations and unclear proposals, get ready for the formation of more and more obstacles on your way. It is better to postpone for a while the solution of important problems for you. Try to find a way out of the current situation, mentally protect yourself from it, move away to the side – probably, at the moment this is the best solution for you.

The Rune FEHU in its non reversed, normal (forward) meaning always has a more positive connotation

rune Fehu meaning at normal position

Rune Fehu reversed main meaning.