Very often people who are working on their runic practice ask such a question:

What material is BETTER to use during MANUFACTURING of RUNES (runic objects for divination by runes)?

MANUFACTURING 0F RUNES (how to make runes) Try to approach this from the other side. Technically it is a snap to make runes – you need just very small skills in working with household tools and of course a lot of desire. But think about it, why do you need it, whether you are ready spiritually for the construction of your OWN RUNIC SET?
Getting to the manufacture of a set of runes be focused and alert – remember that the runes are not a toy.
MANUFACTURE OF RUNES – a very interesting topic. Nowadays runic sets, runic charms are available in the open market in special stores of esoteric direction and in a simple souvenir boutiques. Putting on bags runic sets of low-cost production are sold in stalls and underground passages.However, before you are going to buy such a trinket – REMEMBER ABOUT THE ORIGIN of runes. All these beautiful rattles are dead in its internal soul even if they are beautiful and attractive outside. If you are not alien to present Nordic knowledge, if the internal vibration of runes awakens in your consciousness the hidden images and associations, try to make your own rune (set of runes) independently.
Runes for divination (set of runes for divination) can be made for example of the stones. It is also common practice to manufecture runic kit (set of runes for divination) from the wood and indeed from any natural material such as runic set made of stone, bone, leather or metal. These materials are most useful for Runic practice. Again, it’s not jewelry or trinkets. If you come up with to make at home runic set for divination,
take it very seriously. On some pages of our site we will consider in detail the issues of manufacturing runes and describe how to make runes or rather a set of runes for divination (divination by runes) from a variety of materials.
1. The production of a set of runes for divination of wood.
2. The production of a runic set for predictions of stone.

On this page provides information on
MANUFACTURING OF RUNES (how to make runes)