Algiz (Elhaz) rune meaning.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – is the rune of patronage and protection. The rune of probability and chance in the evolutionary process of the Universe. It does not let you go beyond the usual framework, it involves new connections, relationships, new activities.

Rune Algiz – Rune of protection from possible danger and preparedness for problems.

Meaning of Rune Algiz (Elhaz).

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Algiz at the beginnings of its literal meaning:

“Elk”, “Protection”

Rune Algiz – the fifteenth rune of Elder Futhark

Rune Algiz – the seventh rune of Heimdall Aett

Rune Algiz – Rune of Speech at Elter Edda order

rune Algiz reading meaning

Name of the rune: Algiz (Elhaz)

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) original root word


German name, the meaning of the rune Algiz:

Algiz or Elhaz

Old Norse name, the rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning:


Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the rune Algiz:

Eolh or Olh

Ancient Celtic name, the rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning:


Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the rune Algiz (Elhaz):


The main meaning of the Rune Algiz (Elhaz)

more about Rune Algiz main meaning.

“Protection”,”Higher Self”,”Connection”

The Rune Algiz has reversed (inverted) position.

Besides, the meaning of the rune Algiz can be also in opposition to other symbols of the runic layout at rune reading.

This arrangement of the runes is called “Algiz (Elhaz) merkstav”.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) main reversed meaning : Taboos, Repulsiveness, Warning, Turning away from someone, Hidden dangers, a Lack of concentration.

rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning at reversed position

The general provisions of the properties and characteristics of the rune Algiz (Elhaz) in an inverted position coincide with the usual, direct position of the sign.
However, in a divinatory and mantic respect, the Algiz (Elhaz) rune reverse ( in an inverted position ) acquires a completely different, often directly opposite, original meaning.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) main meaning

The Algiz rune meaning main interpretation – “ Protection, , Divine Connection, Spiritual protection ”.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) at extended meaning defines as:

Protection, shield. The desire to protect others. Protection, a reflection of evil, shield, guard.

Connection with gods, awakening, higher life. It can be used to direct energy in the right direction. Follow your instincts. The ability to maintain successor to keep the positions won or earned. Way to the gods. The strong protective side in the unconscious; the influence which will protect you; religious aspirations.

Algiz is the rune of protection of the Gods. Helps to get the maximum benefit and help from the circumstances of the environment in which you operate.

Algiz (Elhaz) in a direct position says that a person is given a chance to change a lot in his fate. The rune also symbolizes the guarantee of your protection, testifies to a new turn of events in a person’s life. Runa Algiz will help you find a way out of difficult situations, make a timely, correct and necessary decision. The rune advises to be more careful with drastic changes in the life situation. You should be ready to protect your inner space. There is always an opportunity to change a lot in your life thanks to the opening prospects.

In addition to the main meaning, the Rune Algiz (Elhaz) also has some additional properties.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) additional reading meaning.

some rune Algiz (Elhaz) features of the interpretation of the meaning

Norse Rune Algiz reading meaning.

rune Algiz (Elhaz) reading meaning divination

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) reading meaning.

The meaning Rune Algiz (Elhaz) at the rune casting divination:

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) is a very strong protective rune. It symbolizes the strongest defense of you from all adversity. No trouble will affect you, even if they going to happen in proximity to you. You will be warned about upcoming troubles, as well as protected from their adverse effects. It is a very favorable rune. This is also the rune of the Algiz (Elhaz) – runе of friendship. You know friendship top patrons. Accordingly, be able to show these positive qualities by relation to others.

Algiz (Elhaz) – is the strongest rune of protection, often depicted on weapons, for safety in battle and guarantees of victory. Since the form of the rune Algiz (Elhaz) is similar to the figurea person who calls the God or is charged with the energy of heaven, also rune was considered, like a bridge that binds God and people.

The interpretation of meaning the rune Algiz (Elhaz) in divination of love or relationship.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz), appearing in a runic scenario, during divination tells about the invisible protection against the effects of negative external circumstances on your relationship with a loved one. The interpretation of the meaning of the rune Algiz (Elhaz) in divination for love or relationships can also be defined as advice to include internal reserves self-defense and intuition.

So, you will be able successfully to confront all sorts of adversity that can darken your relationship with your loved one. Runa Algiz predicts a twist of fate in the context of love and relationships, but what kind of future would be changed, you need to understand yourself. Regardless of the situation that is now developing in your relationship with your partner, it would open new opportunities for you – the birth of love, a period of romantic love.

First Counsel of the Rune Algiz (Elhaz).
Do not forget that on sharp turns of fate you need to be careful, this will be your protection. The main thing is not to give in to feelings and come to the only correct decision, while maintaining sobriety of mind and openness of sight. Increased vitality and good luck; increases in person the ability to anticipate of someone’s attack or danger; protection.

Second Counsel of the Rune Algiz (Elhaz):
Rune Algiz (Algiz) warns of the need to be extremely prudent at sharp turns of fate. Rune Algiz (Algiz) advises in its meaning to be careful, which will serve as protection from trouble. Reject emotions, not succumb to feelings and come to the only right decision, while maintaining a sober mind, purity of thoughts and an open mind.

The deeper interpretation of the rune Algiz (Elhaz). Inner content of rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz). Internal content, the meaning of the rune:

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) acts in the earth planes, reliably saving four aspects that includes in the primary act of creation: body, mind, soul, and spirit. Only timely, correct actions and corresponding circumstances, the model of behavior will serve you as the only reliable protection.

If you are suffering, watch these sufferings, try to focus your attention on them – do not ignore them. Do not escape your life, do not deny what is really going on with you. Then you will move forward – the realization of this is really your protection, the power of attraction connecting the individuality of the Spirit with the human community. Also Rune Algiz (Elhaz), in it is internal meaning can have the attitude toward protection and reunification.

According to its inner meaning, the Algiz (Elhaz) rune, which fell in its direct meaning in the runic divination, is the rune of the patronage of the Higher Forces. Soon, big life changes await you, which will require your caution and ingenuity. Now you need to exercise wisdom to distinguish reason from instinct. Do not rely solely on your intuition or foresight. This is a guarantee to avoid problems, to get out of an unfavorable situation with the least losses.

More about the meaning of the rune Algiz (Elhaz)

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) can provide protection from excessive pride and egoism manifestations in your spirituality. In accordance with its meaning of the power of the rune Algiz (Elhaz) associated with survival instincts and their mechanisms. Understanding of the essence, the rune will protect your spiritual essence from the penetration of malicious ideas.

Since you have chosen the Algiz (Elhaz) rune, you need to be sensitive, vigilance, flexibility in circumstances that may be changed imperceptibly, but quite real.

You must gradually adapt to the changes that have occurred because something the invisible has already come to your life. There are subtle offsets, influencing the situation which you asked about in runes. You need to look around, ponder over the situation, without undue stress, and just try differently to appreciate your own actions. Runa Algiz (Elhaz), when it appears, demands the manifest of the meaning, demanding special sensitivity to what is happening, the ability to analyze and listen to your own intuition.

Rune Algiz horoscope.

Rune Algiz astrology meaning.

FEB 21 – MAR 7

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning at birth day rune.

ALGIZ – The rune of patronage of higher powers and protection from all evil. Corresponds to the wise and generous sign – Pisces Corresponds to the Tarot card – The Last Judgment

Algiz is an inquisitive person. He is interested in everything, he strives to learn new things, learn something, develop and know himself. It is important in the pursuit of new knowledge not to lose yourself and not to forget about the true goals and desires, the needs of your soul.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) additional meaning.

The additional interpret of the Algiz (Elhaz) rune meaning.

Rune Algiz. The main theses. Security; Divine protection; friendship; connection with higher consciousness; feeling of unity; relationships built on trust; work for the mind; new perspectives; turn; world. Implementation of assistance, protection, safe shelter.

a little more about the meaning of the rune Algiz

Algiz (Elhaz) can be called one of the most positive runes of the Elder Futhark. She is like a talisman that removes from a person everything bad that can happen to him. This is not a classic defense against an attack from ill-wishers, but rather passive, when any threats from the outside world simply cannot penetrate the inner world. All unpleasant things happen somewhere outside, but you have a safe hiding place where you can wait out the difficult time.

Algiz (Elhaz) also symbolizes high spirituality, gaining unity with higher consciousness, creativity, and luck, which is activated when a person begins to hear and understand his inner voice. This is the time for the discovery of new opportunities, an intuitive understanding of the essence of things. Runa advises to reflect on the current situation and adapt to the changes that have come into your life.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) magical meaning and application:

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Algiz (Elhaz) interpretation, the meaning of the runes. Magical application:

Algiz – is protection from magical attacks and evil, Rune protects from physical hazards. In this case, we are talking about passive defense, not against attack. Enemies, and guarding oneself against the threats of the outside world. Rune is a kind of amulet, which prevents the invasion of dangerous external forces. Algiz (Elhaz) – the rune of spirituality, luck, creativity, and flight. It gives protection. This indicates that it’s time for a new happy influence.

In the affairs of new proposals and opportunities. Friendship with a disinterested person. Now you are protected from misfortunes and failures. To avoid evil you will help yourself by intuition and premonition. You are standing on the turn. There’s a possibility, that a new perspective will open up for you, it will be possible to change your whole life or one aspect of it. Rune Algiz (Elhaz) declares the presentation of psychological requirements for a person.

the use of the Algiz (Elhaz) rune in runic inscriptions, in the manufacture of rune amulets and talismans

application of the rune Algiz

Application in rune records (runescripts), also in the manufacture of runic amulet:

application of the rune Algiz in the runic inscriptions:

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To enhance vitality and good luck.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To strengthen friendships.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To protect against trouble or evil.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) meaning in runescripts and bindrunes – To protect against enemies.

The meanings of the rune Algiz in runic divinations are very interesting.

Runa Algiz (Elhaz) in combination with other runes.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Kenaz:

Indicates a good idea.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz)- Laguz:

a person has a huge gift of persuasion, promises good luck in studies

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Thurisaz:

This combination indicates that an unexpected and pleasant gift of fate awaits you.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Berkana:

The proximity of these two runes speaks of a strong and reliable family.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Sowilo:

This combination suggests that you know how to stand firm on your own

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Fehu:

This combination symbolizes good luck in business projects.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Inguz:


Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Ehwaz:

Complete victory over a rival or rival

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Uruz:

he combination suggests that your loved one will persistently impose his opinion on you.

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) – Ansuz:

The combination indicates that you have fallen under the influence of your partner, forgetting about yourself

Rune Algiz main meaning.