Sowilo Rune meaning

Meaning of Rune Sowilo. Rune Sowilo meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Sowilo. Rune Sowilo Meaning

Name of the runes: Sowilo

The main meaning of the runes Sowilo – integrity, victory, the synthesis of opposites.

The literal meaning of the runes Sowilo the sun, the power (power) of a sunny day.

Old Germanic name, the meaning of the rune Soulu (Sowulo): Sowelu

Old Norse name, the meaning of the rune Soolu (Sowulo): Sol

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the rune Soulu (Sowulo): Sigel, Sigil

Ancient Celtic name, the meaning of the runes Soolou (Sowulo): Soilleir

Old Icelandic name, Sowulo rune meaning: Sol Runa Soulu, Saul (Sowulo)

Rune Sowilo at the beginig its literal meaning was:


Rune Sowilo at extended meaning defines as:

Cognitive state. Legal matters. Ideals, victory, honor. Creative energies in the martial sense, where your strengths lie.

contributes to the improvement of the situation to its integrity. The ability to see and understand the situation from different angles, which leads to the birth of wisdom, and the wise man is always a winner. Also associated with the rune Sowilo with lightning. We can understand this as illumination with inner wisdom, which leads to harmonious integrity. This rune brings clarification in incomprehensible situations, indicates the correct exit, gives hints. It gives self-confidence, fills with light, optimism, creative enthusiasm. However, it can strengthen if you have and pride or desire for power.

The Rune Sowilo has reversed (inverted) position.

The meaning of the rune Sowulo can be also in opposition to other symbols of the runic layout at rune reading.

This arrangement of the runes is called “merkstav”.

Rune Sowilo, in merkstav opposition meaning at extended meaning defines as:

false goals, bad advice, false success, gullibility, loss of heads. Destruction, retribution, justice, vanity overthrow. The wrath of the Lord.

Rune Sowilo main meaning

Rune Sowilo reading meaning. The meaning of the rune Sowilo at divination:

Sowilo symbolizes integrity, which requires your nature. This rune represents the desire for self-realization and indicates how you must follow – not for any hidden reason, but because of the nature of your individuality. You are by nature already what you want to be of reality. Realize your own essence and put it into shape, direct it along the path of creation. Rune of great power, giving you access to life forces.

Council rune Sowilo.

Do not be afraid to dream, dreams can come true. In the long run, you can beat everything, but do not forget that, sometimes you have to retreat to regain lost strength. You would have guaranteed success, if you thoughtfully react to your own strength and the opportunities that you have at the moment, if you can retreat to get strength, you would again rush into battle.

Rune Sowilo additional meaning.

Rune Sowilo reading meaning. The additional meaning of the rune Sowilo.

rune Sowilo reading meaning devination

The divination meaning of the runes Sowilo in the interpretation predicts rune of success. Rune of the sun. Sowilo – rune adjustment, pleasure, inspiration, the symbol of the runes – solar circle. The main theses. The sun; power (power) of the sun; insights; life force; love and warmth; energy; insight; success; inner light; motivation; good health; victory; good luck in affairs; relaxation.

The interpretation of the meanings for the rune Sowilo in divination for love or relationship.

Rune Sowilo whose main meaning in the interpretation of runic layouts in love or relationship – self-affirmation. The appearing of the runes Soul in divination for love is promised warmth of relationships and brightness of feelings, positive emotions. However, you can open these opportunities, just for the consequences of their desires. Rune Sowilo says: success comes to those who have nothing to lose – it comes time to act, think about the circumstances of the situation. In a relationship you need to find your own unique, non-standard solution, if it hurts, discard your strangest thoughts and look at the other opinion. Rune Sowilo is uniquely associated with success, this meaning extends to the theme of love and relationship. Rune Sowilo – Rune of victory in the theme of love, relationships, full life force, you open prospects for the development of your loved one relationship.

More about the meaning of the rune Sowilo

Rune Sowilo do not forget that anything in life is possible. It is an inner soul, the energy that gives lives to true seekers. She points to extrasensory ability and fortitude. Predicts the rise to the heights of power, good health, the success. Rune shows your true, correct perception of various things and situations. The appearance of the rune Sowilo means that in you is tremendous energy that can make any changes in your life.

The deeper interpretation of the rune Sowulo . Inner content of rune Sowulo meaning.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Sowilo interpretation, the meaning of the runes. Internal content:

Rune Sowulo in its meaning personifies the desire for self-realization and indicates the way, that you should follow – not for any hidden reason, but by your individuality. Realize your essence and direct it along the way of creation. The rune of great power, giving you access to vital forces, Sowulo means the period of regeneration, down to the cellular level. Rune Sowulo advises you to open up, let the light into that part of your life, which was previously hidden, unfree. This may require deep awareness, as a result of which you recognize something from which a long time has renounced. Refer to the sun: Rune Sowulo carrier of solar energy, which gives light and supports life. Enlightening power, allowing one to perceive things and situations in the true light. It gives inner insight, leads, and directs its light.

The additional interpret of the Sowilo rune meaning.

Additional rune Sowilo meaning

Traditions at their best, liberation from the shackles of the past, expulsion from a life of the superfluous relationships, a symbol of a state of mind, or just a mood at the moment, the possibility of starting something new in fate, personal property, land, family ties. The likelihood of a profitable acquisition, winning, the possibility of getting help from.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Sowilo interpretation, the meaning of the runes. Magical application:

Rune Sowilo. Success; victory; strength and confidence; treatment; assistance in the work; helps in the search for “me”; helps to find out some secret, hidden things, reveal intrigue; helps build confidence in an uncertain and unclear situation; helps to find the way out; summarizes; gives a “hint” to the path of life. The rune of victory, power and integrity. Integrity, synthesis of opposites

the use of the Sowilo rune in runic inscriptions, in the manufacture of rune amulets and talismans

application of the rune Sowilo

Runa Soulu, Sowulo meaning in the manufacture of rune amulets – To achieve success, victory.

application of the rune Sowulo in the runic inscriptions:

Runa Soulu, Sowulo meaning in runic inscriptions – For recovery.

Runa Soulu, Sowulo meaning in runic inscriptions – When self-confidence and in their abilities.

Runa Soulu, Sowulo meaning in runic inscriptions – To protect against negative forces.

The meanings of the rune SOWILO in runic divinations are very interesting.

a little more about the meaning of the Sowilo rune

Runa Sowilo – the main meaning and interpretation. Sowilo is considered to be very positive and powerful. It is not for nothing that it is called the Sun (this is how the name of the symbol is translated). This is the rune of leadership, magnetism, victory, which foreshadows the necessary success in all endeavors. But the keyword here is to act. If you do not find the strength to go and do something, then all the opportunities for Soulu will pass you by. The meaning of the Sowilo rune is not just positive, it is truly triumphant. This is the highest success that comes to those who have felt inner harmony, integrity, have managed to reveal their inner light. Masters of work with runes note that Sowilo does not come to a person very often, but it is these moments that are worth waiting for since only under the influence of this rune an individual realizes his true inner “I” and feels a connection with the Higher Forces.

If most of the symbols of the Elder Futhark require certain conditions from us: to analyze the situation, wait, prepare, then Sowilo is the only rune that calls for abandoning doubts, fear, negative moods and simply acting frantically, recklessly, fearlessly with complete confidence in our own victory. This is the energy that must be thrown out, no matter what. Someone from creative people once said that you need to create only when it is impossible not to create – and these words perfectly characterize the meaning of the Soulu rune. When creative energy flows from within itself, you cannot interfere with it.

Rune Sowilo in combination with other runes.

Rune Sowilo – Algiz:

This combination indicates that you know how to stand firm on your own

Rune Sowilo – Berkana:

The combination symbolizes improvement and spiritual development

Rune Sowilo – Dagaz:

long-awaited changes are coming in life, bringing a lot of joy.

Rune Sowilo – Isa:

The combination may hint that “sticks in the wheels” are inserted by a person trying to settle personal scores with the questioner

Rune Sowilo – Laguz:

This is a sign that a person will soon acquire much more power or authority than has been until now

Rune Sowilo – Mannaz:

Success will be one hundred percent and very bright if the questioner manages to show all his best qualities

Rune Soulu – Otala:

The combination usually describes a person who is ready to work tirelessly not for a decent reward, but for the sake of the work itself

Rune Sowilo – Teivaz:

The combination says that a person will make a good steward, boss, commander, director. If the environment of the straight rune is completely negative, then in the situation under consideration there are clearly some opposing forces that should be taken into account before “going ahead”. However, in this case, it is not necessary to break right through – it is better, on the contrary, to look for

Rune Sowilo – Kenaz:

If we are talking about a person’s personality, then the combination will communicate good health, a lot of energy, brilliant creative ideas. If we consider a difficult situation, then Soulu promises to successfully overcome all difficulties

Rune Sowilo – Inguz:

A person has some health problems, but it will be very easy for him to cope with them

Rune Sowilo – Fehu:

Success will be material

Rune Sowilo – Perth:

The end of a difficult crisis is just around the corner

Rune Sowilo – Hagalaz:

The combination suggests that this is a natural trait of his character, with which it is very difficult, and sometimes pointless to fight

Rune Sowilo – Turisaz:

A person must definitely work on himself in order to learn not only to receive love, but also to give it

Rune Sowilo main meaning.