Rune Kenaz (Kano) birth day meaning.

Dates of the influence of the Kenaz (Kano) Rune symbol:

This is the birthrune for people born between 24th of NOVEMBER to 8th of DECEMBER(starting and ending 12.30 pm)

Time of the Rune Kenaz (Kano)

Rune Kenaz (Kano)-(inner self) is the inner rune for persones born between 17.30-18.30.

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Gemini (Twins)

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “Hermit” major arcane

rune Kenaz birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Kenaz birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Kenaz (Kano) astrological patronage signs – Gemini (Twins) symbol

element of Fire, patron planet – Moon, Heron

Direction of the Rune Kenaz (Keno) – South

Your Birth rune – Kenaz (Keno) (if you were born November 24 – December 8)
Kenaz (Keno) is the rune of fire, its symbol is the Torch, and a person born during the period of influence of the Kano rune becomes a source of light for many. Most often, this is a creative person with a strong intuition. The man of the Kano rune seems to see through others, it is almost impossible to deceive him. In the company, he will always attract your attention, exuding positivity and demonstrating wit.

In the society of a person born under the Kano rune, it is usually warm and cozy, but sometimes he can literally burn with his burning and caustic emotions. In anger, he becomes sharp-tongued and, knowing perfectly about the enemy’s sore spots, is able to ruthlessly deliver blows right on target. However, usually as quickly as these emotions flare up, they quickly fade away. At the same time, you can be sure: the man of the Kano rune will not hold a grudge for a long time and keep the stone in his bosom.

In love, a man of the Kano rune is also able to quickly flare up and also quickly “fade out”, so he has to constantly work on relationships. In order for the fire of love to burn not only brightly, but also for a long time, a person of the Kano rune needs moderation and complete clarity in relations with a partner.

The man of the Kano rune loves to learn, he is close to the field of a scientist or researcher. In addition, he is happy to bring the light of knowledge to others. Work for him is closely connected with inspiration, so his productivity is uneven: sometimes in one day he is able to redo the weekly volume of tasks, while on other days he is lazy, stretching things to infinity.

The most important character trait of the Kano rune person is the rollercoaster of his changeable mood. From love to hate, from joy to sadness, from tears to a smile, he always has one step, one moment. To achieve sustainable results, the runic horoscope advises him to restrain his inner flame at the right moments: learn to turn the fire in the burner!

The rune of light illuminates the path of life and expands the horizons of your possibilities. Astrological correspondence – optimistic sign Sagittarius This rune is also associated with the disclosure of internal reserves, self-knowledge and the search for one’s destiny, corresponds to the Tarot card – the Hermit
Kano – Very cheerful nature, sociable, humorous. They are adored, they usually have a lot of fans. They easily make contact with people, but inside they can be deeply unhappy, although they do not show it.