Rune Mannaz birth day meaning.

Dates of the influence of the Mannaz Rune symbol:

This is the birthrune for people born between 9th of OCTOBER to 23rd of OCTOBER (starting and ending 12.30 pm)

Time of the Rune Mannaz

It is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 07.30-08.30.

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Capricornus (Goat)

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “Star” major arcane

rune Mannaz birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Mannaz birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Mannaz astrological patronage signs – Capricornus (Goat) symbol

element of Fire, patron planet – Saturn, Uranus

Direction of the Rune Mannaz – SouthEast

Your Birth rune – Mannaz (if you were born October 9-23)
Mannaz is the rune of society, while a person born during the period of her influence rarely likes to be the object of attention. He cannot be called unsociable – he does not imagine himself outside of society. Remaining in the shadows, he closely follows the course of events, often becoming a “grey eminence”. The man of the Mannaz rune is always somewhere nearby, ready to help, give advice or take part in the fun, if called.

Mannaz’s character is characterized by restraint. He excels at work that requires concentration. Often he is offered responsible positions related to complex administration or management of equipment. He is a good psychologist and stress-resistant. Natural secrecy helps to hide one’s own and others’, including commercial, secrets: for a spy, he is a bad find.

The Mannaz person may seem too cold, he often lacks the brightness to attract the opposite sex and the ardor to develop love relationships. However, marriage with him is very comfortable for the spouse, because the man of the Mannaz rune is understanding and care itself. He is ready for partnership equal relations and does not try to limit the freedom of his beloved.

Mannaz can sometimes seem boring to those around him: by nature he is very “correct”, follows instructions, regulations, directions and laws. If relations in the team did not work out, he can withdraw into himself, hiding behind impenetrable cynicism. The runic horoscope recommends not depriving yourself of what he needs so much – communication. Search, and you will definitely find “your” people!

The rune of the unity of man and society. It helps to convey your ideas, make connections, be needed and loved! Astrological correspondence: Aquarius Reflects a number of meanings of the Tarot card – Star – hope, inspiration, favorable prospects, harmony with the inner “I” and the outside world.
The man of the Mannaz rune cannot be called the soul of the company. He prefers a closed and lonely lifestyle. But other people like it anyway – loyal, devoted, calm, excellent listener.