Rune Othala birth day meaning.

Dates of the influence of the Rune Othala symbol:

This is the birthrune for people born between 8th of JULY to 23rd of JULY(starting and ending 12.30 pm).

Time of the Rune Othala

It is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 10.30-11.30.

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Pisces (Fish)

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “Hierophant” major arcane

rune Othala birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Othala birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Othala astrological patronage signs – Pisces (Fish) symbol

element of Terra, patron planet – Mars, Neptune

Direction of the Rune Othala (Odal) – South

Your Birth rune – Othala (if you were born July 8-23)
Othala is a rune of property and property boundaries, and therefore a person born during the period of influence of this rune prefers to keep everything within limits. This is a measured personality, whose motto is the phrase: “Everything has its time, to each his own.” He is the owner, and is ready to stand up for his own, while respecting the rights of others. The purpose of his life is to preserve and increase the property of the family.

A career is interesting to a man of the Otal rune only as a way to improve his well-being – ambition is not in his character. The family is important to him, he pays a lot of attention to both its younger and older members. Usually it is he who becomes the keeper of family legends and secrets. Otal women often devote themselves completely to the family, the main aspiration of the Otal man is usually the construction of his own house.

In the character of a person runes Otal restraint, although when his interests are threatened, he can behave extremely aggressively. He is quite conservative, and with age he does not get tired of muttering that “it used to be better.” This person can rarely understand someone else’s position and usually sharply condemns everyone who is not like him.

The addiction to self-restraint often interferes with the personal growth of the Othal person. The runic horoscope advises him not to lock himself within the walls of his own beliefs and rules. Living in the modern world, you need to be flexible in your views so as not to feel like a dinosaur.

Rune of property, material and spiritual values. It helps to save what you have acquired, increase profits and increase capital. Astrological correspondence – the sign of the Zodiac Taurus Reflects one of the meanings of the Tarot card – the High Priest (Hierophant), symbolizing the transfer of knowledge and traditions.
Very deep personalities, spiritual development at the highest level. They strive to maintain family ties, they always feel the great support of the clan. Harmonious and happy, as a rule, personalities.