Berkano rune astrology meaning

Berkano rune meaning runic astrology

Zodiac runes. Sign Virgo and Sagittarius rune Berkano

In the annual calendar, the symbols of the Elder Futhark runes are distributed over certain time periods of influence and patronage and, due to this, have a certain astrological significance, despite the fact that they do not belong to classical astrology. The Berkano rune, like all other runes, is no exception. At the same time, it is possible to consider the astrological associations associated with the Berkano rune, based on the period of its influence, taking into account the person’s date of birth, as well as its symbolism and meaning in runic magic.

The Berkano rune is usually associated with femininity and birth. Its symbolism is associated with the image of a birch tree or motherhood, which can symbolize a new beginning and fertility. In an astrological context, the Berkano rune can be considered as a symbol of feminine energy and the birth of new ideas.

rune Berkano birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Berkano birth day meaning rune astrologic

Rune Berkano (Berkanan) astrological patronage signs – Virgo and Sagittarius (Archer) symbols

element of Terra, patron planet – Saturn, Neptune

Direction of the Rune Berkano – East

Your Birth rune – Berkana

(if you were born on September 9 – 23)

Berkana is the rune of the mother, and people born during the period of her power are endowed with “female” character traits: gentleness, caring, peacefulness.

Such individuals are often endowed with worldly wisdom, they come to them for advice, ask them to judge those who quarrel. The main goal of their life is creation. Building, creating comfort, raising children, growing plants are the most suitable activities for them.

Rune zodiac horoscope. Rune Berkano astrology meaning

Zodiac sign runes . Berkano rune Virgo and Sagittarius birth sign

The man of the Berkana rune is a harmonious and self-sufficient person who knows how to find a balance between the spiritual and physical side of life. Often he puts the common good above his own and expects the same from relatives and colleagues. The runic horoscope recommends that he not forget about his needs and the private interests of other people.

Rune of female power, beauty and fertility, good luck in love and family. The successful advancement of affairs, growth and development in the hidden area. The rune of Berkana is a symbol of female creative energy. A person is accompanied by financial luck. He transforms and harmonizes the space around him, favorably affects all the people around him.

However, it is important to remember that runes are not standard elements of astrology like the planets and zodiac signs, and their astrological associations may vary depending on specific methods and interpretations. If you are interested in runic astrology, it is important to study runes for their role in runic magic and symbolism.

The man of the Berkana rune is full of energy. Not that ebullient force that destroys mountains, but that living water that helps bear a child or heal a wound. He is like a shield for loved ones, protecting them from the hardships of the outside world. Marriage with such a person is very stable, family is his main priority. He greatly appreciates family ties and strives to maintain relationships even with those of its members who are usually ified as “the seventh water on jelly.”

The flip side of the character of a person runes Berkan becomes overprotection. Often, he literally suffocates with his love. He is able to take light flirting for a serious relationship, to give himself to him with all his heart.

Few in our time are ready for such an onslaught of feelings, and therefore often lovers run away from Berkan’s man, frightened by the too rapid development of events. Children of such people often find it very difficult to get out of parental care: they are literally not allowed to grow up.