Algiz the Birth rune

Rune by date of birth – Algiz.

Dates of the influence of the Algiz (Elhaz) Rune symbol:

The Birth rune for persons born between 21th of FEBRUARY and to 7th of MARCH (point starting and ending at 12.30 pm)

Time of the Rune Algiz (Elhaz)

Rune Algiz (Elhaz) “inner self“ – the inner rune for person born between 02.30-03.30

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Pisces

Corresponds to the Tarot card – The “Last Judgment” major arcane

rune Algiz. Rune birth day

Rune Algiz – your rune by date of birth.

The Algiz rune, as the rune of a person’s birthday, symbolizes high spirituality, gaining unity with higher consciousness, creativity and good luck, which is activated when a person begins to hear and understand his inner voice. The rune patronizes the discovery of new possibilities, an intuitive understanding of the essence of things.

The influence of the Algiz rune on a person’s character

Scandinavian rune Algiz – patron by date of birth

A person born under the influence of the Algiz rune usually has the following character traits:


These people are very curious by nature and always strive to learn more and understand the world around them. They actively explore new ideas, knowledge and experiences.


Rune Algiz symbolizes harmony and balance. People born under its influence usually strive for harmony in their relationships with others and within themselves.

Protective instinct:

Algiz is also associated with protection. These people often care about the safety of their family and loved ones and are ready o elp in difficult moments.

Ability to collaborate:

They usually work well with others and can be reliable and loyal friends and partners.


Rune Algiz bestows eveloped intuition, which helps them make the right decisions and avoid dangers.

Striving for self-development:

People born under this rune usually have a desire for self-improvement and growth as individuals.


They can be cautious and assess risks, which helps them avoid rash actions.

Independence and protection of personal sphere:

Although harmonious and friendly, they can be protective when it comes to personal privacy and interests.

The common character traits of people born under the Algiz rune are curiosity, harmony, protective instinct and the ability to cooperate. They usually strive for personal development and maintain harmony in their relationships with others.