Dagaz the Birth rune

Rune by date of birth – Dagaz.

Dates of the influence of the Dagaz Rune symbol:

This is the birthrune for persons born between 7th of FEBRUARY and to 20th of FEBRUARY (point starting and ending 12.30 pm)

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Leo

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “Sun” major arcane

Time of the Rune Dagaz

Rune Dagaz “inner self“ – the inner rune for person born between 11.30-12.30

rune Dagaz. Rune birth day

Rune Dagaz – your rune by date of birth.

The influence of the Dagaz rune symbol on a person born under its symbol is always constant and favorable.
The Dagaz rune, its influence on a person’s fate and character, is directly related to manifestations of willpower. Without will, he will not be able to get what he wants. Will is the very internal impulse that pushes this person to carry out his plans.

The influence of the Dagaz rune on a person’s character

Scandinavian rune Dagaz – patron by date of birth

A person born under the influence of the Dagaz rune usually has the following character traits:


People born under the influence of the Dagaz rune often have great ambitions and a desire to achieve outstanding results in life.

Pioneer spirit:

They are prone to innovation and searching for new ways and solutions. This makes them capable of creative thinking and open to innovation.

Protest and disobedience:

These people can be rebellious and prone to expressing their beliefs and rebelling against social norms and stereotypes. They may get into conflicts due to their rebellion.

Energy and dynamism:

Runa Dagaz bestows energy and motivation for active work. These people are often energetic and on the move.

Striving for the best:

The impulse for continuous improvement and growth is an important character trait. They strive for a better version of themselves and the world around them.


People under the influence of the Dagaz rune may be inclined to move towards their goals with balance and reason, avoiding excessive risk-taking.

Coping ability:

They often have the ability to find a way out of difficult situations and overcome obstacles on the way to their goals.

It is important to remember that the Dagaz rune signifies changes for the better, but sometimes they can be accompanied by conflicts and challenges. People born under this rune can make significant contributions to society and have the potential to achieve great things, but they also need to develop communication skills and consider the interests of others.