Perthro the Birth rune

Rune by date of birth – Perthro.

Dates of the influence of the Perthro Rune symbol:

Rune Perthro is the birthstone for people born between 9th of DECEMBER to 22nd of DECEMBER (starting and ending 12.30 pm)

Time of the Rune Perthro

Rune Perthro (inner self) – is the inner rune for persones born between 01.30-02.30

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Libra (Balance)

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “High Priestess” major arcane

rune Perthro. Rune birth day

Rune Perthro – your rune by date of birth.

The influence of the Perth rune symbol on a person born under its influence is mainly expressed by the transition to a period of changes that are still incomprehensible, but at the same time, behind them it is important to discern what needs to be let go of oneself in order to move on. This transition is mysterious, hidden and irreversible, and it will radically change a person’s perception.

The influence of the Perthro rune on a person’s character

Scandinavian rune Perthro – patron by date of birth

A person born under the influence of the Perthro rune usually has the following character traits:

Secrecy and Mystery:

These people often tend to keep their true feelings, thoughts and goals hidden from outsiders. They can be mysterious and unpredictable.

Intuition and Deep Inner World:

Rune Perth enhances their intuition and helps them dive deeply into their own inner world. They can be philosophical and constantly search for deeper meaning in life.

Caring for Personal Relationships:

Sincere and deep relationships with other people are important to them. They strive for harmony and mutual understanding in close relationships.

Magical Interests:

Interest in magic, esotericism and spiritual practices can be strong among such people. They may seek deep understanding of the magical aspects of the world.

Protection and Preservation:

People born under the Perth rune can be excellent protectors and keepers of valuable things, be they material or spiritual values.

Sexuality and Passion:

Rune Perth can give them intensity and passion in sexual relationships. They can be passionate lovers, but also choose their partners very carefully.

Tendency to riddles and secrets:

These people can be good puzzle solvers and also be able to find secret knowledge and secrets.

Search for Meaning:

Rune Perth promotes introspection and the internal search for the meaning of life. People born under the Perth rune strive to understand their own essence and the meaning of the world around them.

These character traits make people born under the Perth rune unique and mysterious. They are able to dive into the depths of their own soul and find hidden meanings in the world around them.