Teiwaz the Birth rune

Rune by date of birth – Tiwaz.

Dates of the influence of the Teiwaz Rune symbol:

This is the birthstone for people born between 7th of APRIL to 21st of APRIL (starting and ending 12.30 pm)

Time of the Rune Teiwaz

Rune Teiwaz is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 04.30-05.30

Corresponds to the astrological symbol – a sign of Sagittarius (Archer)

Corresponds to the Tarot card – the “The Tower” major arcane

rune Teiwaz. Rune birth day

Rune Teiwaz – your rune by date of birth.

A person born under the symbol of the Teyvaz rune – the main meaning and interpretation. Teyvaz gives people born under its influence courage, determination, fearlessness, enormous energy potential, allows them to completely clear their spiritual darkness, and for this they will have to constantly carry out serious work with their inner world.

The influence of the Tiwaz rune on a person’s character

Scandinavian rune Tiwaz – patron by date of birth

A person born under the influence of the Tiwaz rune usually has the following character traits:

Valor and Courage:

These people usually display valor and courage in many aspects of life. They are willing to face challenges and take risks to achieve their goals.


Rune Tiwaz symbolizes high determination. People born under its influence clearly know what they want and strive to achieve their goals by any means.

Leadership aptitude:

They may have natural leadership potential and be able to lead others in various areas of life.

Overcoming obstacles:

Rune Tiwaz helps to overcome difficulties and difficulties. These people find ways around obstacles and solve problems with confidence.


Tiwaz is associated with the concept of justice, and these people can adhere to high moral and ethical standards.

Sacrifices and compromises:

Rune Tiwaz also requires sacrifices and compromises. To achieve victory or success, sometimes you have to give up something important.


They have strong determination and the ability to achieve their goals even in the most difficult and resistant situations.

Fight for justice:

People with this rune can be motivated by the fight for justice and the betterment of the world around them.

It is important to note that the Tiwaz rune imparts strength and determination, but can also require control and balance in order to avoid extremes and not harm relationships with others.