Uruz rune reversed meaning

Rune Uruz reversed – is the Rune of storms and hurricanes

Most importantly, Uruz rune reversed at extended meaning defines as:

misdirected strength, dominance of others

Meaning of Rune Uruz reversed.

Rune Uruz reversed meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Uruz reversed at the beginnings its literal meaning:

thunderstorms, showers, rains

The main properties of the rune Uruz in a reversed position coincide with the main meaning of the rune.
The rune itself does not change its place in the rune order, its location in their Aett, or the row of the Elder Edda. In the opposite position, only its meaning changes when interpreting divination or a runic inscription.

Rune Uruz reversed – the second rune of Elder Futhark order

Rune Uruz reversed – the second rune of Freya Aett

Rune Uruz reversed Rune of Beer at Elter Edda order

under the patronage of Freya Norse God

Rune Uruz reversed astrological conformity – Aries (Ram) symbol

Rune Uruz reversed reading meaning

Name of the Rune: Uruz reversed

German name, the meaning of the Rune Uruz reversed:Uruz

Old Norse name, the Rune Uruz reversed meaning: URUR, new-Urokke

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the Rune Uruz reversed: Ur

Ancient Celtic name, the Rune Uruz reversed meaning: Uhr

The main meaning of the Rune Uruz reversed

violence, inconsistency, ignorance

Rune Uruz reversed main meaning

The Rune Uruz reversed meaning main interpretation – “Lust, cruelty, recklessness”.

a little more about the meaning of the Uruz reversed rune

The meaning of the inverted Uruz rune. Now let’s talk about those who are afraid of this symbol or try to resist its effects. Most people are used to controlling their lives inside and out. And, of course, they do not like it when plans collapse, circumstances change and something outside intervenes during their measured existence. But the powerful power of this rune does not bother at all – it will still come and destroy what should be destroyed. This is exactly how the reverse Uruz works – it sees that you are acting incorrectly, therefore it destroys everything, drives you into complete despair, but in the end makes you feel respect for yourself.

Now let’s talk about the meaning of the Uruz rune in divination for relationships if it goes upside down since there are also nuances here. First, the rune may indicate too low self-esteem of a person, i.e. for a man it will be the role of “mama’s son”, and for a woman, for example, the presence of psychological problems, complexes, fears. Both that and another interfere with building relationships – this is what the reverse symbol will speak about. The second meaning of the Uruz rune in love and relationships, when we see it upside down, is the unreasonable use of its power, when a person, for example, does nothing, because he is sure that the beloved or beloved will not go anywhere. Here you need to pay attention to the adjacent symbols, as they can show cause and effect.

Rune Uruz reversed position additional meaning.

rune Uruz meaning at normal position

Rune Uruz reversed at rune reading

The meanings of the Rune Uruz reversed in runic divinations are very interesting.

The meaning of the inverted Uruz rune is poor health, health problems, disease conflicts disable you for a long time. But all this is not fatal: you just did not pay attention to the symptoms on time, led an unhealthy lifestyle, or refused the proposed prevention, and now you have to get sick.

It is preceded by outer harmony exclusively conflicts. A person who is in contradiction with herself meets with resistance and opposition from people in the most unimaginable life situations. Council of the runes Uruz reversed. Think over the situation, look inward and try to figure out why your inner world is in conflict with the outside. Achieve, the work of your internal forces on you, not against you. You need to seriously understand your attitude to your own self.

Interpretation and meaning of the Rune Uruz in an inverted position.
For unknown reasons, everything that is happening to you right now is somehow closely related to the force that was your mentor for a long period of life, and at the moment refused to indulge your desires and goes against your will. The one who learned in time to recognize his “voice of alarm” was able and will be able to stop the unwanted, and the one who does not – will meet disappointment and failure in his life. In terms of love, the inverted rune URUZ, URUZ predicts problems with a loved one based on the problems of intimate life.
more about Rune Uruz interpretation

The financial condition will not be comforting. On the emotional state, the feeling of powerlessness and complete indifference to what is happening around will not keep you waiting. In the inverted position, the Rune Uruz may also indicate your addiction. Dependence on the material state of things, to a sexual partner, drugs or alcohol. Everything that happens to you from the outside is a manifestation of your inner state. Find that thin hidden thread leading to your inner strength and direct it so that it obeys you and acts in your interests, and not vice versa. Find a voice in yourself that will warn you about the approach of an alarm, remember it and never lose it.

Inner content Uruz reversed. The deeper interpretation.

The main meaning of the rune is Uruz in the inverted (reverse) position – the cancellation and weakening of the force.

The main theses. The Rune Uruz in a reversed position – this is a weak volition; lack of strength; ailment; failure; lost opportunity; low viability; disappointment.

Rune Uruz reversed advises – look for a way out, try to overcome the stamps of your worldview, try to understand what you absolutely would not want to understand. But there is a consoling moment – the one who heard the alarming signals on time usually shocks. For an unknown reason, force does not near future according to your desires. Probably, in the near future you are expected, and maybe already comprehended disappointments and failures. In financial terms, it is a loss, and in an emotional sense, a sense of powerlessness. These defeats and failures can be serious shocks or small annoyances for you, depending on your awareness and understanding of the inner essence of the situation.

Rune Uruz reversed at the runic practice

Rune – Uruz turned upside down – rune at reversed position or inverted position.Uruz rune reversed in runic divinations.

The additional interpret of the Uruz rune at reversed or inverted position meaning.

The additional meaning of the rune Uruz reversed position. “ dependence”

rune Uruz reversed reading meaning divination

The rune Uruz reversed is a rune of loss of strength, loss of health, and opportunities. Find a way out of a deep hole and find true harmony of yourself with the external world, because all good comes to you from within. The rune Uruz reversed that fell out in the rune layout in an inverted position directly indicates a situation in which the higher forces turned in the wrong direction, which led to a dead-end and, as a result, to a loss of strength and vital energy.

In personal relations, the rune Uruz in a reversed position may indicate a certain dependence. This may be a dependence on bad habits (drugs, alcohol) or vice, a material dependence on a person, or a dependence on an upside-down partner. If your question concerned your loved one, then in the upside-down rune Uruz, Urus (Uruz) can indicate problems in the stage of sex. The amazing events taking place in the world around you, only reflect what is happening inside you. To know, overcome the resistance of the outer worlds, you can only if you overcome yourself.

Rune Uruz reversed in combination with other runes.

Reversed Uruz – Evaz:

Desperate resistance to circumstances that really shouldn’t be thwarted

Reversed Uruz – Isa:

The combination clearly speaks of the passivity of a person and the subsequent cooling of relations, freezing of feelings

Reversed Uruz – Nautiz:

It will literally force the questioner: “Do not sit still, go, act, take, be active – you really need it now!”

The Rune Uruz in its non reversed, normal (forward) meaning always has a more positive connotation

rune Uruz meaning at normal position

Rune Uruz reversed main meaning.