Wunjo rune reversed meaning

Rune Wunjo reversed. – is the Rune of crisis, dullness, sadness

Most importantly, Wunjo rune reversed at extended meaning defines as:

delirium, intoxication, obsession with higher powers

Meaning of Rune Wunjo reversed.

Rune Wunjo reversed meaning of reading interpretation.

Rune Wunjo reversed at the beginnings its literal meaning:

dullness, sadness, discord

The main properties of the rune Wunjo in a reversed position coincide with the main meaning of the rune.
The rune itself does not change its place in the rune order, its location in their Aett, or the row of the Elder Edda. In the opposite position, only its meaning changes when interpreting divination or a runic inscription.

Rune Wunjo reversed – Freya rune of Elder Futhark order

Rune Wunjo reversed – Freya rune of Freya Aett

Rune Wunjo reversed Rune of Thought at Elter Edda order

under the patronage of Freya Norse God

Rune Wunjo reversed astrological conformity – Cancer (Crab) symbol

Rune Wunjo reversed reading meaning

Name of the Rune: Wunjo reversed

German name, the meaning of the Rune Wunjo reversed:Uuinne (Wunjo)

Old Norse name, the Rune Wunjo reversed meaning: wunju, Vend

Anglo-Saxon name, the meaning of the Rune Wunjo reversed: Wynn

Ancient Celtic name, the Rune Wunjo reversed meaning: Winja

Old Icelandic name, the meaning of the Rune Wunjo reversed: Vin

The main meaning of the Rune Wunjo reversed

alienation, impractical enthusiasm

Rune Wunjo reversed main meaning

The Rune Wunjo reversed meaning main interpretation – “crisis, fury, madness”.

Rune Wunjo reversed at the runic practice

When rune Vuno has appears it predicts unravel a tight tangle of doubts, hesitations, and uncertainties. On the eve of the crisis, no fuss allow, act clearly, collected; do not allow any frustration; and you need to solve existing problems, having fully understood of them. Since, without observing calm, sobriety of mind, impartiality, learn to see in muddy water. Energy comes only in the process of new awareness, since without a new vision of the situation, your strength may not be enough to overcome the crisis. Testing leads to new awareness. As the experience of centuries says, all that a person has to go through is that it will pass.

a little more about the meaning of the Wunjo reversed rune

The meaning of the inverted Wunjo rune is not as catastrophic as it might seem. She does not predict failure, but rather warns that on the way to the desired goal there will be certain difficulties and obstacles that will delay the implementation of the plan. There is no need to be afraid of the opposite position of the sign since obstacles will still be overcome if a person analyzes the situation and responds to it correctly.

It is also worth looking at the neighboring runes that appeared in the layout. Sometimes the reverse symbol indicates the intervention of third parties, for example, envious colleagues or competitors who are actively intriguing and preventing a person from achieving the desired results. Also, an inverted Wunjo may indicate a tyrant boss. The reverse meaning of the Wunjo rune is no longer so rosy. The inverted position encourages the questioner to think about their health. Even if a person feels great at the same time, the strength of his body is already running out – if prevention is not taken up in time, his health may worsen.

Rune Wunjo reversed position additional meaning.

rune Wunjo meaning at normal position

Rune Wunjo reversed at rune reading

The meanings of the Rune Wunjo reversed in runic divinations are very interesting.

It is in these states that an understanding of his truthfulness of being, his main goal in life, an understanding of who he really is comes to him. He learns to be in the center of events, but not to depend on them, but to remotely observe and control them. He comes to understand that contemplation is the basis for further action, understanding becomes active, the will originates in the conscious necessity flowing from love. Love is unearthly, Love is true celestial, which descends into human hearts along a hierarchical chain, as the only vital nutrition for it. The interpretation of the runes Wunjo upside down (reverse) position.

The main theses. Disharmony; a crisis; broken relationships; self-sacrifice, caution; misfortune; for the sake of another person abandoning their own interests. That situation you are asking about is difficult. The triumph of life is fine, but do not you think that you have goThe resulting situation will like an illusion of happiness. The crisis comes, the hangover, at the triumph of life around you were not real friends. The direct position of the rune means a white stripe of life, and the opposite is the opposite – your life is entering a period of the black stripe. It is likely that the resulting situation will require sacrifice.

Inner content Wunjo reversed. The deeper interpretation.

The main meaning of the Wunjo reversed in an inverted position – “dullness, sadness”

What is happening may require your self-sacrifice and may lead you to a crisis. The situation is not simple, this movement through the dark part of your life, but pleases that it is not eternal. And as a rule, there is a light strip. Perhaps it would be depression, deceit, and insincerity in relationships. Try not to give up on a false need to blame your relatives or the whole world, for the situation. Remember that the temporary absence of light is only an opportunity to learn to see in the dark. When you adopt in the dark, you can begin to distinguish the contours of things, and much of what was not clear and uncertain will be understandable and tangible.

The crisis comes, the hangover, at the triumph of life around you were not real friends. The direct position of the rune means a white stripe of life, and the opposite is the opposite – your life is entering a period of the black stripe. The resulting situation will likely require sacrifice. The relationship is a dead end and a disappointment. In cases, caution and care are needed, sometimes important decisions will have to be reversed. Inverted rune Wunjo including may indicate the evil eye, or even damage.

Rune Wunjo reversed in runic divinations.

The additional interpret of the Wunjo rune at reversed or inverted position meaning.

rune Wunjo reversed reading meaning divination

Rune Wunjo reversed meaning – the quality of how it goes depends on the person. And this means that you have the strength to solve any of your problems. The sooner you realize this, the faster your forces in you will come to life and them to act. A person who realizes this becomes happy. A person begins to realize that he is something more than just a bag of bones and a liver, he begins to realize his power, which lies in the awareness of himself. This is the key to true joy, to light, to true happiness. Such a person begins to find them especially valuable state of peace, inner contemplation, silence.

The additional meaning of the rune Wunjo in an reversed position. “poverty, suffering”

Rune Wunjo reversed at rune reading

The Wunjo reversed rune that fell out in the rune layout in an inverted position indicates the emergence in your head of a certain circle of doubts, uncertainty in your decisions and actions, as well as a number of other problems that prevent you follow you layout falls out only on the condition that such a period is actively moving in your direction and which will soon burst into your life and turn it into darkness. Be ready to learn to see in the dark and make its environment comfortable for you, as this is your only way out, which will give you the opportunity to see and understand everything that you were not able to understand before.

The meaning of the Rune Wunjo reversed in combination with other runes.

Reversed Wunjo – Turisaz:

This combination speaks of obstacles, the appearance of which a person did not expect: it seemed to him that everything had already been “grasped”, but suddenly as if from nowhere, some obstacle appeared

Reversed Wunjo – Raido:

The planned trip will be problematic and during it there will be some kind of breakdown or delay for reasons beyond the control of the questioner

Reversed Wunjo – Nautiz:

The combination of runes advises a person not to rush: because of his haste and the desire to “run ahead of the locomotive”, he will not be able to achieve the desired result

Reversed Wunjo – Hagalaz:

The combination of these symbols advises to carefully analyze the situation, since the conceived business will be associated with great risk.

Reversed Wunjo – Ansuz:

The combination warns that the intended person will be misled, because she perceives information biasedly, she always hears only what she wants to hear, point-blank without noticing the real state of affairs

The Rune Wunjo in its non reversed, normal (forward) meaning always has a more positive connotation

rune Wunjo meaning at normal position

Rune Wunjo reversed. Rune Wunjo reversed MAIN Meaning.